08 June 2011

iCloud: it's a good thing

As I get ready for some extended time away from my home base, I am warming to the idea of iCloud, a new application/service/feature announced this week by Apple's Steve Jobs.

If the iCloud were operational now, I could load all my music, files, photos, projects, email, contacts . . . my entire digital life, and then access it from anywhere in the world. I would not need to carry my laptop with me at all. I would save time, money and back pain.

We sometimes think the new features the big tech companies announce are "nice for somebody somewhere I suoppose". iCloud would certainly be nice for me. It'll change the way I travel, access information and think. Not bad for an old girl, anticipating technology, announced but not yet actualised.

Developers can get hands on iCloud beta today.
iTunes in the cloud portion will run for users on iOS 4.3 beta,
so everyone can get their hands on it and get it on their devices.
iCloud ships with iOS 5 this fall.


Woven and Spun said...

I know! It sounds great and I thought it was out already so I went to apple to download it today! I had to do dropbox instead, which is fine for what I needed. Looking forward to iCloud though.

Steve said...

"OLD GIRL".................NOT!