16 June 2011

Friendship, with an International Lifestyle

Living on opposite sides of big oceans is odd. Having friends on different continents, from Europe to Asia, Africa to the South Pacific and the Americas, enriches my life, but has it's challenges.

I tell stories on one continent, about friends far away, only to find a dissatisfaction within that they'll likely never meet each other. I've been blessed with good friends.

It's the people in our lives, not our possessions, that make life meaningful.

Even the best of friends, while interested in the people I care about, cannot muster huge enthusiasm for people they'll never meet. That makes sense. Most people's lives are already full. It makes little sense to make room for people who only exist in stories; names without texture.

So, do I flip a switch and relegate people to their continents? In a way yes, as we must live in the present, be where we are. On the other hand, no, especially as Facebook and other social media link our networks with no regard to borders, oceans or distances.

Just musing, mulling things over, content to be where I am while
wishing the best of 'my' people could meet and enrich each other's lives.

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Woven and Spun said...

And that my dear Jillaroo, is what heaven is for :)
Love ya heaps & say g'day to Charlie, Betty, Shanda, Robin, Don, Lesa, & anyone else I have the privilege of knowing too.
Really, heaven is going to be AWESOME!!