28 June 2011

The Asking of Questions

I've asked some dumb ones over the years, and been asked some dumb ones.

"normal" is so rare yet we ask questions as if everyone was..., and we use our own definition of 'normal'.

Questions to avoid:

So when are you gonna get married? (especially of an adult person who is not even dating anyone!)

Do you have children?

When are you going to have kids?

So, why do you think your wife left you?

Does my rear look big in these jeans?

When welcoming people to a meeting or event, "Hi, are you new here?" (especially to a founding member of a church or organisation)

So, do you wanna have kids? ((on a first date))

Add your own awkward questions to avoid...

- Posted using BlogPress on the go, so pardon dodgy formatting or spelling. I couldn't wait!

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Angela said...

Where are you from?