24 May 2011


Wellington is the geographical centre of New Zealand's film industry. What with the Rugby World Cup coming later this year, some clever sods reckon it'd be nice to have WELLYWOOD on a hill side for all to see, similar to one a prominent city in California has.

Many people are saying everything from "We are NOT Hollywood and don't want to be" to "It's tacky there and it'll be tacky here." Others think it'll be a tourist destination, photos taken there will flash around the world, etc . . . .

Alternative ideas have been put forward, but none are suitable yet. So I thought I'd add to the offerings. It's good to have options, is it not?

See photo >

Reading this blog may make you think I'm writing a script, though the genre may still be undecided.

Very little of it is simply FICTION. I hope some of it falls in to the COMEDY category. The tag cloud will show you how I've labeled and categorised the offerings.

Anyway, thanks for reading from your anonymous perches around the world, from Bollywood to Hollywood and beyond!

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