11 May 2011

One man's trash is . . .

Do you know of community garage sales or nationwide rummage sales?

When do they happen and is there a website that indexes these events?

When I was on a trip to Wellington a few years back I went to a second hand book store in Paraparaumu. A woman taught me a new word.

Fossicking: to dig through things on top to find the valuable stuff below.
The Jill Shaw official dictionary of words we should use more.
I loved it!

Check out this amazing community wide garage sale May 28th in Glebe, a Sydney suburb. Money is raised for charity which further benefits the community!

I wish I could pop over for the day, but it looks like something you'd have to arrange rooms for well in advance!

So, when's the big rummage sale on Old National Road 40 across the US?

When is Auckland's big Rotary book sale, the one at ASB Stadium or the Children's Charity Book Sale at Alexandria Park?

What's your experience of garage sales? Find any real treasures, or off loaded a heap of treasure on to others! Good riddance?

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Shanda said...

Wish I could come with you. My kind of fun!