09 May 2011

Flexibility and Tea

I've often said that flexibility should have been included in the fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians chapter 5. I've been looked at askance by those who think me a potential heretic, but it's not a silly idea.

I've lived cross-culturally for so many years now that my home country is cross-cultural. Maybe that's just a high falutin way of saying I'm foreign, strange and weird. "Whatever."

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this blog post on Flexibility and tea, and I thought you might too.

I'll include part of the post. If it takes your fancy, click the link and read the rest.

Hubby and I drink tea every day, cupful after cupful — that’s a lot! It gives us a great deal of “kettle sitting” time wherein we ponder the mysteries of the universe, or more often just think about silly stuff. This time it was flexibility and tea. Seemed a natural.

Flexibility is the ability to see things from all kinds of angles and, when encountering an angle that makes more sense and squares better with the facts, change attitude and/or behavior accordingly. It is also the ability to accept something different from what you normally prefer, especially if you can refrain from snickering or getting a look on your face like you just stepped in something rather unpleasant.

One of the wonderful things about tea is its allowing you flexibility. Tea can be different things to different people, and all tastes are accommodated. Some people have a problem with this, and think tea should only be certain things enjoyed a certain way. I struggle with this sometimes, too, and have to stop myself from even thinking, “How dare you not like milk in your tea!” (There is a sticky note in my brain that says, “We all are free to choose.” Actually, it’s more like one of those huge lighted signs in Times Square.)

For many of you, tea is your wake-up in the morning instead of coffee. You go for a hearty breakfast tea, with or without milk ...

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