17 April 2011


One-size-does-NOT-fit-all in connecting with God.

It was His initiative that made us all the individuals we are. Why then would we think that we all have to conform to some weird preconceived notion of 'religion'? That's not helpful! It sets people up to feel like failures.

veryone should connect with God in a way that suits them, and is respectful of His sovereignty.

This not to say I come to Him on my terms and make Him part of my life.

Nope. His terms. He's God. And it's "All in!" or not in at all.

But after that, my relationship with God shouldn't look like anyone else's. It should be unique, as unique as I am.

What do ya reckon?

If you don't like that argumentative tone, then consider the following,

"If I could sit at Jesus' feet near a river in Galilee, I'd ask Him..... "


Shanda said...

Sadly, trying to make everyone fit into the same mold is what drives many away from Christianity. We have forgotten it is about Christ and He meets us all where we are and speaks to us all in slightly different ways.

Jill said...

Another reader wrote: "Wow I feel like you wrote this especially for me x x x"