08 April 2011

One hell of a storm (Mark 4:35–41)

Chris Grantham's version of events from a Kiwi perspective If a breeze is blowing and you can hear sheep or cows, you'll have a better feel for the following . . .

Day’s over, night’s here. Jesus says to his mates, ‘Hey guys, let’s go across the other side, eh?’ So they took off, leaving the crowd in their wake, with the odd observer boat tagging along. They were out in the middle when one hell of a storm hit them. Water everywhere, and seemingly forgetting what side of the boat it was supposed to be on. Talk about sink – man, they were that close. While this went on, Jesus, believe it or not, was having a bit of a kip down the back. Well, his mates didn’t think too much of that, and shook him awake. ‘Listen boss,’ they said, ‘we’re about to drown and you give all the appearance of not giving a stuff!’ Jesus was rather unimpressed with that remark, and equally unimpressed with the weather. He got up, turned to face the elements, and quite simply said, ‘Shut up!’ And just like that, the wind did shut up. End of story. Turning to his mates, he said, ‘Well lads, now what do you say? Still don’t trust me?’ They sort of freaked out at that. ‘Good grief!’ they blurted out. ‘Who on earth is this guy? He tells the wind and waves and stuff what to do, and they do it.’ You've just read an extract from The Kiwi Bible. For more of the same, click the link above.

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