10 March 2011

Weird Church Words: Lent Links

If you'd like to guide yourself through some meaningful, private, creative preparation for Easter, check the following links for ideas.

Liturgy is not a word commonly used in my faith community, though it is common in older more formal Christian communities.

Words are often adopted and absorbed by users and the meanings evolve. At it's core, liturgy means a customary repertoire of ideas, phrases, or observances; a form of public worship; ritual;
a collection of formularies for public worship; a particular arrangement of services.

Loosely applied, many of our sporting events have a liturgy, an accepted common arrangement of doing things, practices that are expected in certain circumstances. In America, tailgate parties might have an expected liturgy. In New Zealand, you'd never have fish & chips without tomato sauce, it's part of the liturgy.

Typically though, litrugy is used in more narrow ways, specifically applied to what might happen in a church or even a public service. As New Zealanders gather in various locations around the world next week to memorialise those lost in the February 22nd earthquake, there will be liturgies followed in the public gatherings.

Liturgy also comes in to more common usage this time of year as Easter celebrations approach.

You could, as an individual or in a group, use some of the following resource links to mine deep material to be used as you contemplate Jesus on earth in the days leading up to His death, and then in those days of fear and uncertainty for His followers afterward, until He appeared and ascended. See the biblical version in Luke 24.

So, have a look through these pages and see what might work for you No one size fits all. Find your own pace, flavour, and way of being with God in the weeks ahead.


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