11 March 2011

Super Loos in Christchurch

What you do when your sewer pipes have been munted by an earthquake and thousands of after shocks.

Christchurch has long been known as The Garden City.

You may remember that I've pointed you to Cake Wrecks in the past, a blog about professional cake decorators who've gotten things really really wrong.

Well, how about a little Kiwi ingenuity as people in Christchurch cope with the damaged sewer lines running under their earthquake devastated city?

Kiwis have long celebrated their ingenuity, using No. 8 wire to fix things and making do, or making things do things they weren't necessarily intended to do, but can. Ha!

Disaster brings out the best in people, causes them to adapt, to be innovative. Some people appreciate the challenge. Others are tired of knowing their neighbours more intimately than ever before.

Check out Show Us Your Long Drop . . . meaning out house, dunny, johnny, litter box, privy, restroom, sandbox, throne . . . you get the idea?

One family used their chimney pipe that came down in the quake as the base for their outdoor toilet! Many used the bricks from toppled chimneys.

Some have used garden chairs, old crates, garden sheds and tarps.

I've shown you a few here, but really, click on the link and go see the lot of them.

It'd be a real hoot if it weren't for perfectly good flushable toilets sitting in their houses unusable.

And of course, this site is only accessible to those who had electricity and internet to upload their photos.

This in what
was New Zealand's 2nd largest city with a population of approximately 400,000 people. With all the evacuations, I'd say Wellington is second now.

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