16 March 2011

Photos: Before and after the Christchurch earthquake

If you have never been to Christchurch, you'll not understand what has been lost. In addition to the lives of over 166 people, the homes of thousands, the comfort & sense of security that people develop as they tend their gardens, paint their homes, and live their lives . . . Christchurch has lost much of it's heritage, the buildings that gave Christchurch it's dignity, it's history, it's feel.

I have been in many of these buildings, Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, church buildings and others. To see them reduced to the mangled sticks, bricks and bits of metal is astonishing.

By clicking on the Stuff.co.nz link, you'll go to a site that has before & after photos side-by-side with a slider you can drag to see how the building was in it's glory, and how it is now in disarray.

I've seen lots of photos, watched some video and heard many stories. These photos clarify what has been lost architecturally and spiritually, economically & historically.

I'm not illustrating this at all in this post because it is too well done via the Stuff.co.nz link to even dabble with it in a static way within this blog.

It hasn't even been a month yet, and the degree of devastation is not even known yet. In chiShona, the majority language of Zimbabwe, to say "I am sorry." is to literally say, "I have sorrow." That's the emotional response I have to the Christchurch disaster.

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