17 March 2011

Lake Sylvan, Central Otago: LOTRs Country

If I could bring my dad to New Zealand, I'd probably try to show him Lake Sylvan.

It's in a valley between foreboding mountains, many of which featured in The Lord of the Rings films.

I'd pack a lunch, grab the binoculars and walking sticks and we'd set out for this place where you can hear nothing of human invention.

The worst part would be the swaying cable bridge over a tributary to the Dart River. After that, it's all easy walking, escorted by cheeky New Zealand robins.

The mosses were thick and varied. The air cool and fresh. The water clear and reflecting the gorgeous vistas towering above.

Yep, I'd bring him here for his birthday. Might even pack some cake.


Shanda said...

I hear a longing in your words. I wish your dad could visit for his birthday so you could visit this beautiful place together.
Love you

Schiplady said...

From what I know of your Dad and what he has told me of his past, nothing would please him more. If there was a way to get him there, I would do it...........