28 March 2011

Is your God a "cosmic butler"?

Whaddaya think?

“So the quest for salvation has been replaced by the quest for wellbeing. And the danger is Christianity will end up looking like the empire of Oprah, in which God is a sort of cosmic butler who delivers things for us... We need to return to a biblical world view that grapples with suffering, rather than avoids or denies it, and that recognises that man is not the focus. God is. And that God is not going to transform you into this buff entrepreneur with a beautiful wife. There is a much deeper reality than that.”
Mark Sayers
Read more from Mark Sayers on his blog, in The Vertical Self, or The Trouble With Paris, both books are available from Amazon and other retailers.

Mark is Australian. That helps him look at things differently from some.


Nige said...
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Nige said...

This is what I call disneyland Christianity. "If you wish upon a star (pray to Jesus?), makes no differnce who you are, anything you dream of (want, need , desire?) can come true..." and Jesus is tinkerbell the fairy to make sure nothing bad happens to us.

The reality of life is that suffering is a part of life. The difference for us is believers is that God is with us in those tough times.