07 March 2011

Christchurch: Would you like to be Mayor?

Christchurch is still struggling after a massive quake 2 weeks ago, and will struggle long after the headlines shift to newer news. Rebuilding a city, from sewers up, is more than a Sim City exercise.

NZ needs the tourism dollars as it is nearly 20% of the economy. The money they bring will help to rebuild a gorgeous city, raise the cathedral spire & boost business, jobs, etc.

I'd hate to be mayor.
Much of what needs to be done is underground or out of view of people in the eastern suburbs who just want flush toilets. He must rely on reports from engineers, technicians and logistic advisors.

How would you prioritise your response?
Getting sections of the city operating again where more people will benefit? Getting business and manufacturing up and running so people can get back to work?

In the mean time, people are scared, suffering and tired of camping in tents. It'll get cold soon in Canterbury.

More than 50,000 people have left the city, increasing stress in other major centres.

Spread the word!
NZ is gorgeous and the affected area is quite small. Christchurch Airport is open for tourists with rental cars & campervans available. Lovely destinations are scattered all over the South Island from Abel Tasman National Park to Slope Pt, Akaroa, Milford Sound and Dunedin. Lord of the Rings sites can be accessed by air, road or kayak. Breath taking beauty, with or without hobbits!

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