22 March 2011

Between the Equater and the South Pole

Have you ever been between things?
Maybe between jobs, relationships, homes, countries . . .

I have written about liminality, the state of being between two things, before in Conversations@Intersections.

When I saw this marker in a garden on the edge of Lake Wakatipu (pictured) in Central Otago, liminality of space came to mind.

In the hiking/tramping I had done in the previous few days, I felt like I had been between things. I was between mountains and rivers. I was far from communications and news. I was somewhat alone in the midst of gorgeous trees and birds.

Sometimes when I am in those places I think of staying, of not rejoining my life in the city. In those places being is paramount, with doing mostly related to comfort and safety. If I stayed out too late or if the weather changed, I'd need to do some things, but otherwise, there was no call for my attention or drain on my energy.

I have the same sense when I've been on trans-Pacific flights, about 5 hours in to the flight I become acutely aware that I am between things. I like the freedom that gives, whether in the wilderness or in the air.

Check out the other posts on liminal spaces. See if any of it resonates with you, where you are or where you've been, spatially, spiritually or emotionally.

4985 kilometers equals 3097 miles.

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