27 March 2011

Accommodating Diversity Within an Organisation

Think with me?

Consider the factors involved when managers make decisions in contexts where the extent of diversity is almost unbounded.
What has been left out of this mind map? Generally speaking, what else must be factored in?

This could be a volunteer organisation, a university, a for-profit company, or a governmental agency. The diversity is most pronounced amongst the staff/students/customers/clientele.

What, if anything, needs to be taken in to consideration as decisions are made to serve the common good? I'm not interested in rule making per se, but in the way the decisions are made and the factors taken into consideration in the process.

Practical wisdom, as conceived by Aristotle, cannot be acquired solely by learning general rules. We must also acquire, through practice, those deliberative, emotional, and social skills that enable us to put our general understanding of well-being into practice in ways that are suitable to each occasion. Read more at Stanford Univ edu.

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