09 February 2011

Where, When, How . . . . do you read Conversations@Intersections?

I'm curious.

How do you access the content of this blog?
Is it via an RSS reader aggregator that you've set up to bring all the content pertaining to your interests in to one handy magazine or newspaper kind of format? i.e. Google Reader or your Inbox.

Or do you actually visit the blog regularly?

Do you see the posts on Facebook or have you subscribed and get them as email?

The fact that so few people comment directly on Conversations@Intersections tells me that most people are either not provoked or that they read the content elsewhere.

Either way, it's all good.
I'm just curious so I know my readership better.

The freebie stats counter I use tell me there is a significant regular readership and that the traffic spikes on certain days, in search of certain topics or randomly.

I don't write for a mass audience. I write what I'm thinking about and for you, those who have a degree of overlap with the topics addressed here.

I'd like some feed back though, so comment however you'd like, via the blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, ringing me up, popping in for a visit . . . however you'd like.

The animals are from the place I helped house sit over Christmas/New Years. They looked curious to me.
Why go to Google Images when I have my own fascinating faces for your viewing pleasure. Alpaca & sheep


Anonymous said...

I subscribe to your blog via RSS and it gets delivered automatically to my inbox to read when I'm on the bus or else ;-)

Shanda said...

I read through my dashboard. Just started recently though so that is why there are no comments. But....have to say I love the animal shots. You know me! :)

Woven and Spun said...

That first shot is really cool.
I see on my "top pages" web page when you post anything on your blog and click on it to come straight here.

Sonia said...

I like to head to conversations@intersections site. Enjoy the layout of what you have done and the pics you add during your blog. I used to get RSS feeds but decided to head to the page in the morning and have a cuppa during my morning read! Thanks for your wide knowledge and sharing!!