03 February 2011

Cyclone Comparison: Perspective on Tropical Cyclone Yasi, Northern Queensland, Australia

Cyclones in Northern Queensland,
Australia, Snow storms in the US. What next!?

Anna Bligh, the Premier of Queensland, leads well in crisis. Read more on the government website.

While comparisons don't help those who are struggling in the dark with winds howling outside, it gives us a perspective. Sand bags are in place and windows taped or shuttered. Whatever can be tied down or tucked away has been, but that's only good if the roofs stay in place and the ropes hold.

A catastrophic power failure in the entire northern region is possible as the towers have never been tested against winds of 300 kph!

I don't know what they do about boats at anchor. The area serves the Great Barrier Reef, so there are many boats for diving, snorkeling and fishing, including one I've gone out on twice. All disasters are heart wrenching, but when it is happening in a place I've visited it really grabs my heart.

So, are you ready if a similar disaster strikes in your area?

Be Ready! I've written about preparedness on Conversations At Intersections before. Links for US FEMA and NZ Civil Defence.

Photos on ABC (Australia) show empty shelves and cars lined up for fuel. I remember that happening in Indiana when blizzards threatened or ice storms shut things down.

  • Do you think to fill up when bad weather threatens?
  • Do you have water tucked away and a radio & batteries at hand?
  • Do you know where candles and matches are?
  • Do you have gas in your BBQ bottle or other fuel for cooking?
  • Could you cope on your own without electricity or water supply for at least three days?
Radio comes in to its own during a disaster. TV just can't funnel the info instantly and power outages limit access.But radio is only good to you if you have fresh batteries.

Twitter is amazing as I watch updates from Australia.
"The roof has just gone."
"It's getting hot in this bathroom."
"The sound is scary."
"I'd rather be here than amongst a bunch of strangers."
"Wonder how others are getting on?"
"Anna Bligh says calls for help starting to come in but too dangerous for emerg services to respond." #Heartbreaking #tcyasi

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