26 February 2011

Cultural considerations. Hope wanes.

There's more to it than plate's shifting, broken bodies & collapsed buildings.

As they deal with bodies, the authorities try to be respectful of culture & faith.

Kiwi's are self-sufficient get-on-with-it people. But now, the ground rumbles and shakes as if it is attacking them. It doesn't stop rolling. People suffer from nausea and from anxiety related illnesses.

Pray for those in Chch who have networks of trust through which they can work to kindle hope. We're organizing food relief, transportation assistance, temporary housing, respite & counseling.

Distraught people are packing what will fit in their car & leaving, not planning to return. Grass will grow around nearly useless houses and the ground will settle as Winter rains come.

And still they pull bodies out of buildings as loved ones await the news the dread, but have already started to know is inevitable. Their texts go unreplied.

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