21 January 2011

Writing used to be about grabbing a pen . . . .

While I have not had much to say so far in January, I am organising my thoughts so when they start rolling out, they'll make more sense.

In doing that, I've been exploring Evernote, DropBox, EndNote, Pages, Scrivener and the features Google offers for free. I found the following and thought I should share it with you.

You may have instructions for winding your grandfather's old clock, a recipe of your aunt's, a warranty, menu, lyrics or who knows what . . . that you'd like to scan and make searchable and editable.

The optical character recognition
(OCR) software in Google Docs can do that for you. See what DIY Ivory Tower wrote on the process. It's not hard at all if you have a digital camera, even on your phone.

Follow the link to see diagrams and the process written out step-by-step.

OCR in Google Docs makes transcription simple

Now to see if EndNote is compatible with Scrivener or Pages.

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