09 January 2011

What'd ya get for Christmas?

While I might be a little old for that kinda question, the one about your take at Christmas, but it is an interesting conversation starter.

I've asked a few kids, "What did you give for Christmas?"
They are taken aback, look at me intently and then try to assemble an answer. Some of them gave nothing. Others gave, but without much thought, or it was so long ago that they've lost that info in the overwhelming season.

When I was a kid, Granny gave me jobs to do to earn money so I could buy gifts with money that meant something to me. I'd earned it. Therefore, when I spent it on others, it cost me something.

What did you get for Christmas this year? Something homemade? Something uniquely you?

Do you suspect, or know, that you got some re-gifts?
Anybody get a goat, chicken or toilet given to you, but physically present in a developing country?

What did you give this year? What was the most satisfying gift you gave and was the response what you expected?

Talk to me.


Woven and Spun said...

I got a toilet and a goat!

Sonia said...

Being with Friends and Family. Making gifts and giving gifts that are meaningful!! Something that suits them and the person that they are! My mother used to give me clothes, which I tell ya we have different tastes. Well this year (finally) has given up on that idea and has decided to give gadget stuff - the simple things!!
But I would have to say the best xmas present for me would be to give and receive - love! To spend time with the people who I care about, over a cuppa or chilling at the beach. Just one of my love languages - Quality time!!!