28 January 2011

In a perfect world . . .

What exactly would that look like, a perfect world?

No hunger. That's a given. For it to be perfect for the animals, we'd all have to be vegetarians.

Consistent justice across all classes and colours of people.

Plenty of water and equitable use of it.

Birds & cats would defecate in prescribed areas instead of on windscreens and in flower beds.

In a perfect world would we use the American or the British spellings and vocabulary?

In a perfect world, aside from all the pain and suffering the vast majority of humans experience everyday, I'd have a green leather chair in my home library with those ladders on tracks that give access to the highest shelves. There'd be a levitating globe in a wooden cradle that I could spin to my heart's content. There'd be a breeze in Summer and a fire in Winter.

My dog would remind me to take regular walks in the garden and my tea pot would never run dry. Wind chimes would mimic my prayers, gentle tones lofting on fragrant breezes . . . .

My friends would come periodically for afternoon tea, literary discussions and lively dinners with inspiring conversation . . . .

Now let's get back to reality. Did you know that much of Dubai was built on the backs of immigrant labour from whom passports had been taken so they could not leave or complain to the authorities? Yep, saw it on the BBC news. Wonder how they'd describe a perfect world?

Reality check. Rude really, but that's how my mind works.

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Woven and Spun said...

I expecting that in heaven your library will be just like that . . . and you can expect me to be stopping by for tea regularly!
Didn't know that about Dubai. Sad reality.

Woven and Spun said...

That's supposed to be "I'm expecting . . ."
But hang on, I'm not expecting in THAT way!
In a perfect world we'd always communicate perfectly!

Shanda said...

Sometimes I need a reality check! We get too caught up in things of lesser importance.

Shanda said...

This was a good post....and as I read , I thought, "This is totally you, that the animals would defecate in appropriate places!"