29 December 2010

Summertime, Christmas & New Years!

Summertime in New Zealand, combined with the Christmas-New Year break, is not conducive to being inside and thinking cohesive thoughts. Now if you were to pop in and help me eat some rhubarb crumble made by my friend Rachael, or some Banana Cake made by my friend Sonia, or some Christmas fruit cake made by my friend Ruth . . . well, I think you see the problem.

But you only see part of it. The other part of it is that I'm co-house sitting for friends who've gone to Melbourne to be with family over Christmas. Their view is amazing! That's what you oughta see; the view! It's rural, undulating and green, more shades of green than I can describe.

But the view is the problem, you see. They do have an internet connection out there, but it's not wi-fi. I'd be tethered to a keyboard in the interior of the house . . . . and that just makes no sense to me right now. The view is refreshing distracting, inspiring and tranquilising, all at the same time!

So, for the next week or so, imagine me with a nose in a book, glancing up from time to time to see how the view has subtly changed. Or imagine me pulling weeds, posterior up for best leverage. Imagine me out talking to the sheep or wooing the alpacas or laughing at the black toy poodles who would be snacks for my dad's mastiffs.

If I hadn't had the opportunity to stay out in Kumeu, Taupaki to be precise, I'd probably have considered a camping trip and would still be picking my gear out of nearby trees or fence rows after yesterday's weather bomb came through.

Tell you what, those of you with an easy internet connection, you carry the conversation. Go ahead, you chime in via COMMENTS on this BLOGSPOT site and tell me what we should be talking about. Or describe what intersections you may be approaching with the new year.

I'll be monitoring. I just may not be able to string words together with any sense.

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