14 December 2010

Life is Messy.

Is honesty a luxury?

One of the new residents in my house asked for a letter stating the amount she pays here so the government subsidy she gets because she cannot work will continue. She asked us to put an inflated amount because the social services agency never pays the full amount. Because of her mental illness, she is not working and has no other income.

If we do not inflate the amount, she'll struggle to pay for bus fare, cigarettes, food, soap, rent, etc.
If we do inflate the amount, we are part of a rort that is already out of control.

It was not a hard decision for me to make. No, I couldn't say I was receiving more than I was. Facts are facts. It's black and white really. I didn't say it like that. In fact, I let someone else handle it, but I made the decision, and then was sad about it.

Sad cause I'd made the right decision? No.
Sad cause it's easy to be honest when you're not in fear of going hungry or of not seeing your kids cause you can't afford the bus fare to where they are staying.

I did the right thing, no doubt about it.
In the long run, honesty is the best policy.
In the short term, it sure makes life difficult for a struggling woman with Christmas approaching.

It's easy to be pious when life is tidy.

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