17 December 2010

I made a mistake . . . .

I was doing some forward planning this week, bridging months and years that seem confined to different calendars but are in fact a continuum of life.

There's a Brooke Fraser concert in early February, just after Parachute Music Festival in January.

I entered in university events for February and other events for April. I've got spiritual retreats booked for May & October. We've got Servetember in September again and I'll probably be traveling in June & July.

NACC is in Cincinnati in July. Whether I attend or not I'll want up-to-date materials there.

The Rugby World Cup starts in New Zealand in September so I have to get those dates in the calendar so I don't give them away and then regret it. Final: 23 October. NZ -vs- ...?

Chaplain's will meet in Palmerston North in November for the annual conference.

Note to self: Gotta book camp sites for Parachute in January, if it's not too late already!

So there I was on Facebook, searching out some fresh email addresses as I'd had some messages returned to me, and I thought I'd pop over and wish some of my favourite boys a happy birthday. They are twins so while it was two messages it was only one date to remember, 14 January, and I'm quite fond of these guys so it was no trouble at all.

I typed out the first birthday message and sent it off. Composed the second and hit SHARE.

Only later did I realise that it was not January 14th, 2011 yet. It was only December 14, 2010. Hmm. Sure enough, as I popped back on to Facebook to undo my goof, there was a very polite note from Twin #1 thanking me, clarifying the date for me, and then telling me he loved me too. I added a note about my GOOF and then revisited the brother's page. He later left a note saying he'd had a good laugh.

There are mistakes and then there are mistakes.
This mistake was somewhat public as we share many loved ones and they'll have had a good laugh. But it's never a mistake to wish a friend well and tell them you love them.

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