30 November 2010

What would you ask?

Having lived outside my home country for over 25 years, I'm used to having my loved ones and memories scattered over wide distances.

With that in mind, I spoke to a 'friendly' group recently who know only the last decade. As I prepared to speak to them, I often returned to the idea that they only knew what I had chosen to let them know.

That is often true of people in high profile roles; sometimes we wonder but don't dare ask.

Dare I do it?
What secrets do I have?
Dare I give permission for their curiosity to wander freely?
What question could I not evade if necessary?

So I did it!

The organizer distributed bits if paper and welcomed questions of any nature.

How bad could it get?

Considering the readers of Conversations@Intersections to also be a 'friendly' though disparate group, what would you ask?

I'll reveal the other group's questions after I've heard from you. :~)

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