03 November 2010

Universal Birthday: Nov 3rd or 4th!!

Several of my closest and dearest friends have their birthdays today, or this week.

I wish I could be with each one. That would take me to several states and three countries.

I'd drink tea with at least three of them. I'd hear how God has been at work in their lives.

I'd listen for stories to take away with me, little glimpses of them and their hearts.

Each one is different, met at a different point in my journey, and treasured for a unique reason.

God has blessed me richly through them, and through my many friends scattered around this globe upon which we live. I wouldn't be me if not for my friends.

I'm not blaming them. Their influence makes me a better person. That is only part of why we are intended to live in community; blessing and being blessed by others.

Many of you accompany us on the journey, though we've never met. Some of you know Cindy, Cheryl, Claire, Jaime or Judith, and you'll be celebrating them today too. Then there's Linda, Barb, Joe, Trent, Tash, Madeline. . . .

While I know it is not fair to lump all of our birthdays together, I have long thought it'd be easier if I could celebrate you all on the same day. If I could do so, it would be today.

I'll celebrate you in March, April, May, June or whenever, but just in case you don't read the blog on your day . . . .

... thanks for being you, for becoming who you are becoming, for knowing and journeying with me anyway, for adding colour, flavour, jazz or adventure to the journey.

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Cheryl said...

Hey again! Thanks for an early birthday present - a long and treasured conversation over the ocean - with you.