16 November 2010

Story People

You're the strangest person I ever met,
she said & I said you too & we decided
we'd know each other a long time.

StoryPeople is about saying a lot in a few words.

this is the center of the universe at this moment
unless you're looking in another direction, or
are thinking about something from a long time ago,
in which case it will wait quietly right here until you return

Check it out. StoryPeople are "a diverse group of people, artists, activists, healers, tinkerers. We talk, we laugh, we eat great food & drink great wine, sometimes we disagree (passionately) & sometimes we agree (equally passionately) & it's all part of the same gift of being alive together. Our wish is that other people experience this amazing world we live in as a world of imagination & possibility & healing. We believe our stories do that. (& that's not just StoryPeople stories, but all our stories...) We believe (fiercely) in the power of stories, not because they're our stories, but because it is valuable & right to protect the precious connections between people"

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