08 November 2010

Smart Places, Universities

I love visiting smart places. I've been in some dumb places before too. While they may be interesting, they don't inspire me like smart places.

I remember walking through the archways at Trinity College in Dublin. While I was cold on the outside, I was warm on the inside. What could I study here?

The Book of Kells was intriguing and the history .... Wow!

A friend drive me to Oxford for a day. Yes, the Oxford of Oxford University. While I loved the bookstores & the pub of the literary giants, The Inklings, I didn't feel the urge to study there.

My days at Indiana University included some lofty conversation and exciting events. Walking amongst those buildings on that sprawling campus was both inspiring and exhausting!

A few educational institutions later, as both student and teacher...

I'm in Dunedin, home of Otago University. Educated people from several cities are gathering for a couple of days to talk about what faith in New Zealand does or might look like. We'll be at Knox College, a theological institution that has been absorbed by Otago University.

At 141 years old, Otago is New Zealand's oldest university. While reputed to excel in both research and shenanigans, Otago is a place I'd like to study ~ if it weren't so cold down here!

Otago University's coat of arms says"Sapere Aude" which means "dare to be wise" or "have courage to be wise".

Does wisdom require courage? How so?

I'll need courage if those old stone buildings are cold inside!

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