11 November 2010

NZ Boxes Above It's Weight

New Zealand does not make it on to all the lists.

We won't compete in the world's tallest building ranks, though we have some really steep streets.

You won't find NZ in a baseball world series or on a list of major car manufacturers. We don't have big native land mammals and we'll never top sales charts for Dr. Pepper, root beer or pumpkin pie. 

What NZ excels at is often beyond imitation.

Consider the Tutukaka coast north of Auckland, ranked one of the top coasts in the world.

Consider pristine beaches like New Chums on Coromandel Peninsula, named one of the top ten beaches in the world.

How about oddities like Hot Water Beach where you can control the temperature if your dug out pool.

NZ's Great Walks are amazing with bird song waterfalls and amazing native plants creating an atmosphere better than any movie can capture.

Northland's renowned Poor Knights Islands have been declared one of the world's top 10 places to see nature.http://goo.gl/JFYoy

It is wise to choose the categories in which you'll compete and not bother with the others. 

NZ is beautiful, amazing & unique. Enough said.

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