02 November 2010

Kindle: What To Go With It?

Kindle accessories are many and varied. I've seen super nifty bags and covers. I often see clip-on lights touted and car chargers for when you've overestimated the life of the battery. It last for days so easy to forget when you last charged it up. Screensavers are a reasonable added expense and I'd go with ZAGG.

IF I get a Kindle electronic reading device, do I also need one of these Guardians?

If a book can go with you to the beach, to the bath, on a 3-day mountain trail hike or a snowboarding weekend, then I guess the Kindle should too.

I like it that it comes in colours. Blue is on offer too. M-EDGE

I'm thinking that this is overkill though. Why wouldn't a heavy duty ziplock bag do much the same?

The advantage this has over a paper book is that it would be hard to turn pages if your book was in a bag, where the Kindle should just need a button pushed.

Geek Dad wrote on WIRED that he tried the bag approach and found it wasn't so good: slippery and developed holes where he pushed buttons. Good on him for trying. Maybe the KlearKase is an option to explore.

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