26 November 2010

Affirmed, for the Right Reasons

My glass is more than half full . . . I have had a bumper day!

While my primary love language is probably acts of service, quality words of affirmation would be a close second.

Today has been full of conversations. They were not random conversations at intersections of busy roads. They were intentional conversations at intersections of lives, lives of people I care about.

In the midst of those conversations some encouragement was dished out, or maybe I just asked a good question. A few times I challenged what my family might refer to as "stinkin' thinkin", those negative thoughts that don't help anybody.

Anyway, as a result of some careful listening and well placed comments to others, I've been affirmed, thanked and appreciated. But get this . . .
The affirming comments people made to me were not about my hair or the colour of my eyes or my perfume. The comments were quality affirmations about me personally and the help I had been to the speaker.

When speaking with children, I often try to affirm or complement the right things. Sometimes we focus on the superficial or the performance of another person. What happens when the skin ages, the hair changes and the usefulness wanes? Does the value of the person diminish too?

I think not.

I'll not recount the exact sequence of my day or name names, but I noticed the kind words and am challenged again to do the same for others. A quality comment concerning something I intentionally try to do or be counts for a lot.

That might be true for you too. It might be true for those in your home or office.

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