18 June 2009

Wacky Backy

As we moved the sofa out from the wall to vacuum behind, Granny saw a tray of seeds on the floor. “Well what in the world is that doing there?”
“Drying, I thought, but didn’t say so. “I’ll throw them outside.” I offered helpfully.
I did not leave them there, but the one who did reckoned rightly that the heating vent under the sofa would be a great way to dry the marijuana seeds without having them out in the open. I suppose the few dust bunnies could be blown off and no harm done to the process.

I went to a 4th of July fireworks celebration with a noted preacher and his wife. We were on our way to a conference a few states away and thought we’d break our journey with an early evening and some local flavour.
“Don’t inhale,” he said as the breeze brought whiffs of wacky toe-backy over from a nearby blanket. While holding my breath, I contemplated how he knew what that aroma was. I didn’t ask.

It happens here in NZ too. A huge movement of casual users wants to legalise pot here. Then the government can tax it and pay for the rehab of long-term users who damage brain cells, develop mental illness or just lose all their teeth.

I’d be against that; legalization of pot, but then, we tax alcohol and cigarettes and they do heaps of damage to individuals, families and society in general. Schools have started cutting back on sugar in their tuck shops/snack bars so as to help kids eat healthily.

I saw a woman in the airport today. Tears overflowed now and then as she queued up to go through Customs and Immigration, heading home after a visit to NZ. Around her neck was a lei made of brightly coloured lollies, individually wrapped sweets or candies. I don’t reckon it was a farewell gift! I think she was smuggling ‘em out of the country. Pass a law against that!

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