09 June 2009

Social Calendar: Significant Conversations

Thursday night was my book club. Six of us in great conversation about a common interest, though with differing opinions and permission to express those differences.

Friday night was a potluck with 16 of my geocaching friends. I use Mac, they are all PC users, but we agreed to disagree and shared ideas with each other.

Saturday night found 10 young adults gathered round my coffee table with bowls of chili in hand. The occupations represented range from counseling to education to PR, publishing, church ministry, fashion design, music and city planning.

Sunday night included parents or pre-teens & teens, people without kids and those who work with youth. The conversation covered generations and technology, worldviews and philosophy. Various perspectives and opinions became obvious.

There was a lot of variety in my week!

It's good to celebrate friendship, to engage in relationships with mutual respect, to seek diversity & differences of opinion. It's good to interact with people of different ages, interests and perspectives. If we have only one facet, we do not catch the light in the same way as if we are multi-faceted. Conversations dive and diverge, twist and turn. Sometimes you get to a place where everyone breathes collectively and wonders, "How did we get here?"

There were some significant conversations during the week. I define "significant" in this context as a conversation where I learned something new, where I was challenged in a meaningful way or where I thought back on that conversation later and obtained something of value.

A memory of a conversation, a meaningful exchange between people, can bring a sigh. That sigh can be of relief, of joy, of frustration or resignation. As I closed the door after each of the gatherings in my home this week, I sighed. Each sigh was tinged with relief and joy; a gathering of friends planned, enjoyed and then tidied up after.

It's easy to sit in front of the TV or computer and be an audience. It's not as easy to find a day and time that suits people and then organise the components of a good time amongst friends. Not sure how many texts have come and gone this week in the planning of events. A meal shared amongst friends, a conversation that stretches our understanding and a memory made and tucked away; those are worth the effort.

Now what's on for tonight . . . .

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