08 June 2009

Church & Chili

Had about ten friends over for dinner last night. We polished off a huge pot of chili I had made the day before.

They were all friends I've met over the past 10 years. Often we meet at worship services or Bible studies or in local cafes for a casual catch up. Most of them are young enough to be my kids, but they learn from me and I from them.

Everyone brought something to contribute to the meal. The theme was chili related so some brought chips, sour cream or corn bread to complement the meal. The fire and the conversation warmed up the lounge quite well with conversations criss-crossing the room and the volume getting high at times.

We spoke of Apologetics, theology, leadership, church health & growth. Don't worry. It's all quite a different language but we understand it. There were many conversations about interpersonal relationships, recent & future weddings and baby names.

Laughter filled the room and people shared tips and advice, what's worked for them and what hasn't. People compared stories about families, work, sport and podcasts. There was a bit of gossip, but it was nipped short and people's reputations were left intact.

The group in my home represented a community centred around a common passion or interest. Some had been of the church for several years. Some were as new as justa few months. The more experienced helped the newbys, as it should be.

It was great, but, even with 10 people in my home, I was still left with some chili, some cake & salad. The fridge is full and the dishwasher's getting a work out! Hospitality is to welcome people, not to entertain. This lot entertained themselves just fine!

A different crowd of friends are coming over tomorrow night.

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Rachael said...

Mmm, wonder what it would have been like if all these nights had been joined together - you would have needed a much bigger lounge for a start.

Friday was great though - I enjoyed it very much....Thanks for setting it up, and hosting t!