17 June 2009

Cartoon Generation of Software Developers?

If Tweety has Twitter, a killer app loose in the world, then what sort of app would Sylvester have? Or Yogi? (To use Twitter is to Tweet, not Twit.) See article on cover of Time.

There’s a Bing now. Boing Boing might represent Tigger. What of the Tasmanian Devil? There are applets, but I don’t know of a Piglet app. Do you?

Yosemite Sam could be a spam filter where he just shoots the heck out of anything that looks dodgy! Popeye could be another security or firewall app.

Casper could be a behind the scenes reminder app that pops up transparently through whatever we’re working on to remind us of an appointment or deadline. Snoopy or Garfield could be the sleep feature on a monitor. Linus could be a new type of rubbish bin and Lucy could be a help desk feature. Who’s the guy on that little piano? He could manage our music library!

Think about it? Who’s your favourite cartoon character? Tinker Bell could be a reminder app and Peter Pan could be a game feature so we’d never have to grow up.

What of Fred & Barney? I’ve not brought any superheroes in to the mix yet!

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