28 June 2009

Can I, as a spiritual person, embrace my irrelevance in a fast paced secular success driven world?

Most people have no idea what I do, let alone think they need it. I am irrelevant. As much as I talk about relevancy and try to be relevant, I rarely am. I read the paper, stay up on current events, technology and design. I care about politics, ecology & the economy. I m more culturally astute than most and listen carefully for clues as to worldviews. I am a communicator, a logophile who never goes anywhere without something to read. The idea of being bookless can cause a near panic attack!

All of that being true, my frame of reference is spiritual. Whatever meaning assigned to things, accomplishments or temporary constructs, I evaluate on the basis of eternity. God is eternal. He was before time, is beyond time, and will be after time. He is the centre of my existence. I was created by Him, for Him and perceive meaning only in Him. He colours my relationships, my objectives and my dreams. He assuages my fears, heals my wounds and provides my bearings as I journey forward.

In the minds of most of my friends, if they really thought through all of the above and decided it was indeed true, I would be irrelevant. You see they have bills to pay, deadlines to meet and goals to attain. They have dreads, dreams and desires into which God seemingly has no say. Therefore, I, and my God, are irrelevant and I’m okay with that.

I don’t have to be relevant. I have to be one with God, true to my calling and, if that is of benefit to those around me, then all the better. Sounds kind of cheeky and aloof, but I can do nothing better than be spiritual. I can find no higher purpose than to breath in time with God, let my heart beat in rhythm with His and see Him at work in the places to which He calls me. Irrelevancy incarnate; irresistible in a world where everything is mass produced and conforms to a norm decided somewhere between Twitter and Facebook.


Woven and Spun said...

I'd like to be irrelevant with you if you don't mind ; ) In the end spiritual relevancy is what will count, so being irrelevant to the ways of this world is completely relevant to my eternity.
Thanks for making me think!

Anonymous said...

This is humble, humble is good.