08 May 2009


I had a series of conversations this week.

Spoke with the people in a medical office to see if insurance had paid my bill yet.

Talked with a refugee about how to take the regulator off the gas heater so they can refill the gas bottle.

Called to make a dentist appointment and had a good laugh with the receptionist as we tried to figure out what to call the troublesome tooth. I had said "the pointy one" but hoped she hadn't actually written that down!

Texted a friend in my book club to point out salient points in the story and she replied.

Talked with another lady about whether her problems were a result of God punishing her or if they were just consequences or someone else's freewill. "It all comes down to the character and nature of God. Is He keen and quick to punish or in your suffering with you?"

Talked with another friend about project & time management.

Laughed with The Sallies collecting money at the mall. They were friends of mine, so a good opportunity to catch up.

The guy in the phone shop sure knew his business and I told him how much I appreciated his information and answers.

The guy at AANZ receipted my insurance payment, made some travel suggestions and told me about travel insurance. The lady at the desk gave me a map to Wellington and we both commented on how thorough the other man had been in meeting my insurance needs.

Talked with some excited moms about their sons renewed interest in God and faith. The moms had responded well, encouraging their adult sons, but not over doing as they so wanted to do.

Chatted with Lynne at the bank as there was no queue. Great to have a laugh with people we interact with regularly. Makes life and chores so much more enjoyable!

I talked with a few people by phone about their group meetings, encouraged their successes and explored options for their points of concern.

The volunteers at Hospice were friendly as I bought my new Entertainment Book.

The server at The Mexican Cafe was efficient and friendly though the restaurant was crowded due to Cinco de Mayo.

Talked with housemates and neighbours, solved problems and found common ground. Did a bit of life coaching and mentoring; equipping people to succeed in the areas they care about most.

Conversations. Hard to say which ones were most important really. Each one nudged things along in different ways and to different degrees. Some were task focused. The most satisfying ones were people focused, or ended that way anyway.

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