18 December 2008

Where's Your Favourite Place?

In my profile I list Bambaninga, Tutukaka & Chesterfield as three of my favourite places.

I'd have to add to that the deck on the back of my house, sitting under Cindy's oak tree, my dad's garden, and Cheryl's sofa. Then comes book stores scattered across several continents, parks and beaches, the Milford & Routeburn Track, Abel Tasman was nice too. Uhm, Snorkeling anywhere there's healthy coral, drinking tea in a lovely garden, and exploring old & vibrant cities.

I have an app on my Facebook page that shows where all I've been. I'm grateful for the opportunities.

Where are your favourite places? On your bed with your kids piled all around?
In your kayak or at the table with your family? On a road trip in your Mustang convertible or on the back of a powerful motorbike? Sitting with your dog by the side of the lake enjoying the beauty & calm? Wherever your husband or grandkids are? Wherever the next geocache is?

I out guessed a few of you, but you can still come up with many great places I've not mentioned.
Come on! Where's your Favourite Place?


Quote Collector said...

"Hidden Pond" on the Florida Trail and the Appalachin Trail. --- "Quiet" speaks to me!

Sonia said...

Well my favourite place is sitting on my Kayak, out in the harbour, with a cuppa in hand and great friends around. Just sitting and drifting, listening to the sound of nature. Then following on from that would be searching for the cache with the Team!! Also sitting around a table with great friends, with a lot of laughter involved!! Spending quality time with family and true friends where ever that maybe!