09 December 2008

The Shack

Who has read The Shack?

What did you think?

Well written?
Cause you to think outside your comfort zone?
Did you take any value away from your reading?

There's been lots of conversation about the book. I've not yet read it, but think it'd be fun to hear from others.

Here's an opinion from Mike P.

You need to keep objective though - it is just a story. It's not scripture or necessarily even great literature (though Eugene Peterson in his endorsement suggested that it ‘has the potential to do for our generation what John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress did for his. It’s that good!’). Indeed theologically it may at times veer into unorthodoxy (lack of hierarchy in the Trinity for one). But, in my view, that's to miss the point.

This is where I tread on thin ice. At times it is possible for people of faith (I hate the word religious) to aim to be so right that they become wrong. Twenty years ago I would have described myself as a card carrying evangelical - but the older I get, the more I realise that all our systematic understandings of theology are at best only approximations of truth. It's not what you know or believe but who you know that matters in the end.

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Nige said...

Fantastic book. I have been giving away copies to my friends.

Got to remember it is fiction.

Most negatives I've seen are people who can't cope with the apperarnce of God as a woman.
By why can't God the Father appear as an African-American Woman, anyway? There are many pictures of God in the Bible, including a mother hen who takes us under her wings.

Tash McGill said...

I really enjoyed it - and I found more 'truth as it appears in real life' in the conversations and relationship displayed between the trinity than perhaps a more structured doctrine allows.

I gave this book to my mother - i think it's a allegory to the soul - similar to hinds feet on high places, pilgrim's progress.

I wouldn't say it was a well-crafted literary work in the comparative scale of many other current fictional writers - but it has presence.

I recommend taking a whole day, with plenty of tea and enjoying it in one sitting (maybe with napping in between sections).