20 December 2008

Prayerful: Mindful

"The same Abba (father) said that a teacher ought to be a stranger to the desire for domination, vain-glory, and pride; one should not be able to fool him by flattery, nor blind him by gifts, nor conquer him by the stomach, nor dominate him by anger; but he should be patient, gentle and humble as far as possible; he must be tested and without partisanship, full of concern, and a lover of souls."

- Philokalia.

“The Fathers of the Philokalia keep emphasizing the importantance of guarding the mind so that it is completely present to the task at hand. They keep saying that wherever our mind is not, there is where we are not. A person, for example, may be in church or at home praying, but if his mind is not in his prayer,if, in his mind he is lounging on a beach in Tahiti, 6,000 miles away, then he is not present to God. He is not praying. Wherever our mind is, there is where we are."

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