17 December 2008

The Perfect Brew?

Can you believe it? What Does a Penguin Know About Tea?

Those who drink tea on a regular basis know what a fine line it is when steeping your tea. Too long its bitter, to short and you aren’t going to get much flavor. Unless you set your regular egg timer to go off when its done, its easy to forget about it.

So how would you like it if a cute fella could brew that perfect cuppa everytime you need one and yet never complain about being overworked? Sounds too good to be true? Nope, considering that the man Friday we are referring to is the Penguin Tea Timer. This well-groomed penguin has a built-in timer (1 to 20 mins), which you can set depending on how strong you want your tea. Simply sling the tea bag over his beak, set the timer and relax. The penguin lowers the bag into the water and lifts it out when the time's up. Cute, huh? Can be used as a regular timer too.

That way even if you don’t hear the timer your tea will have the perfect amount of flavor. You just may have to reheat it a bit if you leave it for too long. The down side is that it only works with tea bags, and not the metal infusers.

Available at Harriet Carter for $12.98 or Amazon for $14.98. If you prefer a dapper version (with a top-hat!), get it from Signals at $18.98.

Yes, timing is important to the enjoyment of a good cup of tea, but there are a few things I challenge in this blurb from the Slashdot and Popgadget sales blurb.

1. Reheating tea is practically an offense.
2. A tea bag in a cup is less than ideal too. That's what tea pots are for.
3. What does the top hat have to do with anything?
I'll stick to my collection of tea pots and will enjoy a quiet moment during the 3 minute brewing time.

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