21 December 2008

The Language of Flowers

My dad has the most amazing little book on his shelves. I've told him NOT to send that one to the op shop or goodwill anytime soon. I want it! It lists different types of flowers and what their meaning is upon gifting them to someone. Who knew there was a blossom language?

I've recently given a similar small book to a friend in my Book Club gift exchange. I knew she'd like it and she did! Here are a few of the meanings, but follow the link to go and see the exhaustive list, including variations on the colours of different roses.

Aloe: Wisdom and Integrity
Alyssum (sweet): Worth beyond beauty
Amaryllis: Pastoral Poetry, Pride
Azalea: Fragile and Ephemeral Passion
Baby's Breath: Happiness
Bouquet of Withered Flowers: Rejected love
Carnation, Red: Admiration, my heart aches for you
Carnation, White: Pure Love, Sweet Love, Innocence
Clematis: Artifice and Ingenuity
Coreopsis: Always cheerful
Daffodil: Emblem of Annunciation/Regard, Unrequited love
Daisy: Gentleness, Innocence, Loyal love
Dogwood: Durability
Edelweiss: Daring & Noble Courage
Elderberry Blossom: Humility and Kindness
Fennel: Strength
Forget-me-not: Faithful Love, Memories
Forsynthia: Anticipation
Fuchsia: Amiability
Gardenia: "I love you in secret"
Gladiolus: Strength Of Character, I am really sincere
Gloxinia: Love at first sight
Heliotrope: Devotion, Eternal Love
Honeysuckle: Sweetness Of Disposition
Hyacinth, purple: I am sorry, Please forgive me, Sorrow
Hyacinth, yellow: Jealousy
Iris: Faith, Wisdom, Valor, Your Friendship means so much to me
Ivy: Friendship, Wedded love, Fidelity, Friendship, Affection
Lavender: Constancy
Lily, Calla: Majestic Beauty
Lily-Of-The-Valley: Purity and Humility, Sweetness
Lotus: Mystery and Truth
Magnolia: Dignity, Splendid Beauty
Mistletoe: Affection and Love
Narcissus: Egotism, Formality
Nasturtium: Patriotism
Oleander: Beauty and Grace
Orchid: Magnificence, Love, Beauty, Refinement
Pansy: Thoughtful Recollection
Peony: Healing, Life, Happy Marriage, Gay life
Poinsettia: "Be of Good Cheer"
Queen Anne's Lace: Fantasy
Salvia, Blue: "I Think of You"
Sweet Basil: Good Luck
Sweet Pea: Departure, Blissful pleasure, Thanks for a lovely time

Thistle - Defiance

Thyme: Courage and Activity
Tiger Lily: Wealth and Pride
Tulip: Symbol of The Perfect Lover
, Flower Emblem of Holland
Wisteria: Youth and Poetry

Yarrow: Healing
Zinnia: Thoughts of Absent Friends

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