27 December 2008

Friends: By Two's and then by the Bunch

A few times through my life I've been blessed with friends who were sisters.
I mean, they were sisters and then they BOTH became my friends.

I've learned a thing or two from those relationships.
1.) Never take sides if they are in conflict because in the end they are still sisters and they'll usually side together against any foe.
2.) No matter how similar any two can be, being raised the same home and genetically so similar, they are still individuals and will offer and expect different things in friendship with me.

I've learned more than that, but we'd be getting far too specific if I continued on.

Because of these friendships, I've often been included in larger family gatherings, just being taken in as another part of the clan, familiar for being in the mix so often. These friendships enrich my life and they are accompanied by responsibilities too. It's no good to reap the benefits and not be a contributing part of the group.

A huge blessings for me too is that, as these friends have married and had children, I've gained brothers and friends in the younger generations. Some of the next generation read & comment on this blog or keep in touch via Facebook.

I'm grateful for the mutual respect, the give & take, the cross pollination we enjoy. We have history, the present and a promising future.

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