26 December 2008

Faithful Friends in Creativity & Community

I really do appreciate you checking in now and again to see what's coming out of the keyboard.

I do have lots of original thoughts percolating in my head & heart and they'll be rising to the surface soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the selections I offer from gleanings elsewhere, things I enjoy and think humorous or important.

You can see my interests in my profile at the left.

I should add a few things to that.
I wish I had a dog, a manual typewriter and a real bonsai tree. I let mine get out of hand and now it is a forest.

I'm ruminating now on what I'll spend my Christmas money on. My dad says, "That's one nice thing about a check, you have all those things you (contemplate), until you actually make a decision."
I'll possibly decide on a trip. Will it be a place I've not been before or back to a place I liked? Hmm. Who wants to go with me?

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Tash McGill said...

Me me me me!!!
I just made it home from up north! Phew. Happy day after boxing day!