19 December 2008

Cheeky Chicks: Meaningful Gifts for Christmas

It's not too late to give a Gift For Life through Tear Fund! You and your friends have enough dustibles. They also have enough of everything else they really need.

As Tracey Barnett said in the NZ Herald this past week,

"For every one of us who will spend the next handful of weeks running around buying presents that will sit in the back of someone else's closet, there is a weirdo like me who is quietly welcoming a recession.

Maybe we'll all pull it in a little this year.

Maybe we won't be able to afford as much stuff so we won't expend all that energy pushing it around once we get it."

So click on over to the Tear Fund website and check out their cattle-logue. They have Cheeky Chicks, Bums on Seats, piggies, goats, books, mosquito nets, seed projects and more! You can buy a whole herd of cows or start your own bank! I thoroughly believe in this organisation's efforts and strategies!

I've ordered a few chicks for my cheeky friends. I'd like to send someone a goat or pig! Who wants one? Think about it! A meaningful gift that puts the spirit of the season right.

Pop, you want a pig? You won't have to feed it or build a pen or pick up after it, though the fertilizer might be good for your garden?

If you choose to send a Gift For Life, leave us a comment here so we can see how many Conversations@Intersections readers do their Christmas gift-giving that way.
What kind of herd can we come up with?

Tear FUnd will send an e-card immediately to inform the recipient of their gift, or they'll send you a card to present when next you meet. They do make it easy.

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1 comment:

Rachael said...

Cute piggy!
My family chose a bunch of different things for other families a few weeks ago - got sent a whole stack of gift cards and had to send them back - didn't need them! So I'm glad to see the e-card version - that makes sense. Not sure ours was the TEAR fund though...