14 December 2008

The 22 Pocket Travel Vest.

In this age of severa limitations on weight of carry ons and charging for checked luggage, consider this travel vest!

This cotton blend vest has 22 ergonomically designed pockets and compartments that keep vital travel accessories like maps, cameras, iPods®, and passports secure and close at hand, eliminating the need to carry extra hip- or backpacks. It has 15 internal pockets designed to keep personal items hidden and seven discreet external pockets (including a back pocket) that allow easy access to frequently used items; two deep hand pockets have elastic loops for holding water bottles.
The vest distributes the weight of carried items evenly, preventing sagging or pulling awkwardly to one side. Several of the interior pockets have zippered and magnetic closures, ideal for secure storage of an MP3 player, cell phone, or a PDA, and a patented cord management system throughout the vest allows you to string earbuds from a device in one of the pockets to the collar, securing the earphones while avoiding tangles. A two-way main zipper allows access to interior pockets from the top or bottom of the jacket, and the 65% cotton/35% nylon exterior is treated with Teflon® for water- and stain-resistance. Machine washable.

Looks great for travel, geocaching, urban walking and anywhere you might want to keep your hands free. Also, distribution of weight close to your body would be less tiring! Hmmm I'm thinking I need one.


Debbie said...

I think you definitely need one. Wish I would have had one when I was based in England and doing all my traveling.

Quote Collector said...

Jill, do they use Christmas Trees in Jill-land? Perhaps there will be one under your tree.

The vest sounds like a great idea. It would have been great when I was hiking.

Sonia said...

Wow, having ALL those gadgets at your finger tips!!!! Fantastic.