30 November 2008

People: Different and similar

You know, in the grand scheme of things, people are people.
I found that to be true in Zimbabwe. It is true in New Zealand. It proved true again in India.
We were all born in to families and cultures. There are differences in skin colour and languages, but so many of the things that make us human, that give life meaning and give us value are much the same from place to place and generation to generation.

Kids like a laugh and grandmas like to have the kids in view. Jesus is the same from hemisphere to hemisphere, though the way He is worshipped may look different. Meal times are often about relationships and buy & selling can be a form of community.

Hopes and fears persist. Parents hope for something better or different for their kids.
People suffer and overcome. I'm impressed by many of the people I meet in my travels, the ones who make the most of what they have, who laugh easily and who invest in the next generation.

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