04 November 2008

Google Apps

Do you know even half the things Google can do for you?
And I don't just mean the search engine. I mean all the online applications that can make your life easier, more efficient or more interesting.

The Google apps I use most:
While I am traveling, Google Documents store some files I might like to access so I don't have to take my laptop with me.

I can store all kinds of info in my online Google Calendar.

Gmail has all my contacts and I can even forward my mail from my regular ISP to my Gmail for easier retrieval as I go.

Picasa will take my photos so I don't risk losing my flashdrive or even the camera or memory cards.

Google maps is a big help as I move around, trying to find addresses in unfamiliar territory. Google Earth! Well, you really gotta go there.

You can download a toolbar to sit right in your browser to make many actions easy.

Blogger, . . . where would WE be without Blogger?

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