30 November 2008

Durable Cell Phones?

I need a phone that bounces. The Sonim is only $800.
The Casio G'zOne seems to be available via Amazon for $50. Read more about it on PCMag.
The Sonim is supposed to be the Bond or the Rambo phone for all elements. The Tech Briefspells it all out nicely.

The Sonim XP1 is certified capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions – water, wind, dirt, dust and extreme temperatures.

According to the makers, Sonim, the XP1 works perfectly in harsh temperatures, doesn’t die when exposed to the elements, can be dropped, kicked, tossed into a toolbox or backpack, seen and heard in bright/dark and noisy conditions, and provides reliable voice, push-to-talk and data services.

I've had mixed luck with Nokia. I liked my old 5140 that bounced well, but my new fliptop hasn't lasted 6 months. Something that is in and out of my hand, pocket, purse & backpack ought to be more robust! If these boots were made for walkin' then a phone should be made for more than talkin'!

I'd like an iPhone for sure, or even a Nokia95 with built in GPS. That would be good for geocaching! Palm has some smart devices that you can actually talk to people through. I like calendar features so I can organise myself electronically with a device I'll usually have on me. I can set the alarm to tell me I'm supposed to be somewhere in 30 minutes so I don't have to keep looking at the clock. Reduces anxiety! Technology serving me rather than me serving technology!

Any suggestions as to good durable phones? Or maybe I should only walk on padded surfaces?

The blurb on Nokia 5140- Gotta love it, but of course it's old school now.

The Nokia 5140 phone features a durable dust, bump and splash-resistant housing that allows it to keep up with demanding users, but its active nature is more than just skin deep. To keep users oriented on the trail, an integrated digital compass displays the direction both graphically and numerically. After dark, a built-in flashlight helps to guide the way.

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